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America: Bastion of White Supremacy
Posted: Wednesday, April 30, 2003

by Ras Tyehimba

America, the so called epitome of democracy, freedom, and capitalism fought their battle against the colonial might of great Britain in 1775 and with the help of black slaves who fought as well, freed themselves and their country from the colonial tentacles of Great Britain. They won the right to self-determinism/ to chart the course of their own destiny. They drafted their Declaration of Independence that stated "We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness". Yet it took America until 1865 to free their slaves from the bondage of chattel slavery.

This act of sheer hypocrisy has tainted the nation that once dreamed of being a beacon of freedom, democracy, equal rights and justice for the world. This single act of momentous hypocrisy has now proliferated into a culture of corruption, individualism, world imperialism and wanton carnal gratification. Just imagine, Thomas Jefferson, former President of USA, who helped draft the Declaration of Independence, at the time, traded slaves from his plantation for kegs of molasses.

Also, the European Americans facilitated the grand massacre of the indigenous people (misnomered Red Indians), justifying the annihilation by branding them as evil savages. These indigenous people who once roamed the wide expanse of their land (know today as America) were herded into small reservations: what was left of them that is, and forced to live a life contrary to their own traditions.

Having gained Independence from the colonial might of Britain and severing all forms of British colonial control, America embarked on a series of expansionary policies that would ensure they achieve the status of a Colonial superpower. The misleaders of that time, and even now, firmly believe in freedom for Americans (white Americans that is) but not freedom for anybody else. This white supremacist/patriarchal/ 'might is right' stance that is the foundation of the American legacy has manifested itself not only in America's policy to other mostly non white nations but also most strongly in America's internal policy to the black (non-white) people that also make up the nation of USA. It has been a legacy of blatant racism, discrimination, oppression and violent suppression of any group, organization or idea that is not congruent with the popular culture that is manipulated by the upper echelons of American society.

Black people who are termed as the minority has felt the full brunt of these oppressive policies that has sought to suppress the very essence of themselves. Blacks are the minority in society but the majority in the prisons. Blacks are targeted by the police, tortured, sodomized, killed and falsely imprisoned. How much more sickening, heart- wrenching stories of brutal torture , intimidation and slaughter by the security forces of America will we hear. The immigration policy of the USA is very deliberately structured to increase proportionately the number of white people versus the number of black people. The Educational curriculum by its very nature reinforces the degradation of the Black people in America. Blacks have less access to quality education and are forced to assimilate Euro centric standards and culture to survive.

Very integral to the success of the colonial imperialistic designs of America on the world is the whirring propaganda machines that spew American popular culture, values, products and other assorted junk. Fast food outlets pop up on every busy corner with bright signs declaring MacDonalds, KFC and Burger king. These fast food outlets sell billions of steroid laced carcinogenic products to long lines of people who are seeking a taste of the American dream. Genetically modified foods usually without any labels are consumed in great quantity. Humanitarian aid being given to Afrikan countries by the US is genetically modified. Not content with poisoning themselves.

Our youths are walking advertising boards, advertising the wide range of American products. Nike the sign says: just do it. While Nike one of the greatest symbols of American capitalism still has Asians working in terrible slavery-like sweatshop condition. The cost of producing one pair of shoes costs about $1US, while the price of a pair often crosses the $100 US mark.

Very central to America's imperialistic thrust for total global domination is the success of its media that spew a conglomeration of arrogant 'God bless America' garbage. When I was little boy I enjoyed watching Westerns with the 'brave' and 'heroic' cowboys taking on and beating the 'savage' and 'evil' native Americans (misnomered Red Indians). Years later I understood how dangerous and false this image is and how important it is in upholding the well doctored American image of being fair, righteous and just. The American materialistic value system bombards the world's consciousness along with complementary images of the all conquering American hero fighting the evil forces of the world. This arrogant pattern has permeated the offering of Hollywood (who is controlled principally by Jews), which is beamed all over the world via the high tech American satellite network. One consequence of this is that people all over the world have the perception that Hitler was the worst thing that ever happened to the human race. The atrocities committed by people like Rhodes, Ian Smith, Mussolini, King Leopold and others (who makes Hitler look like a goody-to-shoes) are whitewashed and overlooked by those who should know better. King Leopold slaughtered more than 12 million Afrikans approx twice that of the Jews killed by Hitler. To add insult to injury there is a scholarship given mostly to Afrikan people that is named the Rhode Island Scholarship*. This is equivalent to giving a prize to Jews and calling it the Adolph Hitler Scholarship.

We need to look no further than the Israel/Palestine conflict, the Venezuelan/Chavez situation, the Zimbabwe land issue or more recently the Iraq invasion to see the viciousness of American Media and understand the importance of having alternative sources of media. CNN, NBS etc serves America and American interests just like BBC serves English interests, often overlooking truth and justice. History has shown this fact so often that it has become painfully predictable.

In this era, to be overtly racist has become politically incorrect, so the nature of racism and white supremacy has ascended to new heights of subtleness. Despite of the many black people who are in positions of power within the current American system, this is just an illusion that will fool the many who are sleeping. The slave elevated to the position of slavedriver is not a statement of black power but rather just a perpetuation of white supremacy. This tokenism is done to garner the support of the respective group for activities that are often detrimental to the wellbeing of the said group.

It is expected that some people will get uncomfortable when the word white supremacy is uttered. But if the reality of the world order is not clearly and openly articulated, how are we going to progress past the illusions, patronizing attitudes, empty platitudes and self contempt that is so pervasive throughout the global landscape. As it is now, black people in and outside America will get no justice, no reparations, and no real equality under the capitalist, patriarchal, white supremacist order that has produced the likes of Jefferson, Reagan and Bush(times 2). It is a system that has no regard for humanity and the sacredness and dignity of human life. It is a system that is rooted in a popular culture of death, extolling the 'virtues' of might, materialism, greed, individualism, violence, money and power to all who will listen. God bless America indeed.

* This scholarship is given by a European institution not an American one, but I included it because it is relevant within the overall framework.

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